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Index My Site by BLC

Reliable & quick Site Indexing, through Google Search Console


Your Links.



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Why faster Indexing?

40% of new websites take over a month to be indexed by Google. (Source: Search Engine Journal)

Every second of indexing delay can cost you valuable organic traffic. (Source: Moz)

Faster indexing can lead to a 20% increase in organic traffic within 3 months. (Source: SEO Journal)

IndexMySite users have seen a 30% reduction in average indexing time. (Source: BLC internal data)

Here’s how it works

Just authenticate your Google search console (GSC) & IndexMySite will take care of everything else. That’s it.

Fetch sitemap

Scan your sitemap for all listed URLs.

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Fetch links

Identify individual links that are already indexed.

Check indexed sitemaps

See which sitemaps Google has officially recognized.

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Request Indexing

Ask Google to crawl and index specific pages.

Track progress

Monitor indexing status for all submitted URLs in real-time.


Send alerts

Get notified when new pages are successfully indexed.

Take control of your website's discoverability with IndexMySite

No more manual pinging or waiting in the dark – take control of your website's discoverability with a few simple clicks.



Who want to add site indexing service in their portfolio

SEO or Content Marketers

Who want to make sure that their work reaches Google ASAP


Who have new or small sites & want to expedite indexing with Google

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